Mary Immaculate High School Poomkavu

Mary Immaculate High school is situated in one of the villages in Alappuzha, mostly the students are from socialy and economically backward classes of the society. Most of them are coming from fishermen or coir workers or mason families.

Poomkavu, the village which was very poor, when the school established 25 years ago, we can say for sure that , the school changed the face of the village a lot. Now the village have a smile on its face which shows the change.

Currently the school have 700 students in high school classes. When MIOSA (Mary Immaculate Old Students Association) conducted a survey for the students who dont have a “Home” of their own with minimum facilities. After these 25 long years we have more than 25 students out of these 700 students dont have a HOME . So the MIOSAns decided to help them out.

This year, MIOSA will build a HOME for the poorest student currently studying in the school.

So cooperate with this humble effort.

7 Responses to Mary Immaculate High School Poomkavu

  1. Lincy George says:

    This is great effort surely. Hats off to all behind this

  2. miosa says:

    hope we will be able to do some in the name of God and humanity!

  3. baby antony says:


  4. miosa says:

    thanks babychaya,..

  5. Siju Joseph says:

    Why cant we establish a beautiful Website for MIHS.

  6. there is a website for MIHS.

    This blog is only for MIOSA-

  7. Reny says:

    it was a nice effort

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