Silver Jubilee-MIHS

Our great school is celebrating silver jubilee this year.

MIOSA is planning a lot of programmes . Among them we plan to have a gettogether for all the old students in January. Suggestions are welcome.

I am adding some of the suggestions came during the meeting of MIOSA

i) Build a home for the poorest student as a memorial of our great school’s silver Jubilee

ii) Help 25 students this year by bearing all the school expenses, next year 26 and so on..

iii) Help out the students who need a career guidance by starting a career guidance cell inside the school.

iii) Setting up seminars that can be organised by our old students who are in position to handle different subjects .

iv) Conducting different programmes like “Inter school quiz programmes”

you can have your suggestions now

5 Responses to Silver Jubilee-MIHS

  1. miosa says:

    Hallo Joy,
    can u give a round figure, for the expense of a student / year?

  2. reachjoy says:

    Hi father,

    The following is the calculation,

    Uniform 2 pairs – Rs. 500 x 2 = Rs 1000
    Text Books + Notebooks – Rs. 500
    Tution fee and Other fee- Rs . 500
    Other Expenses (Including study tour) – Rs. 1000

    Total = Rs. 3000

    It is only an approximation

  3. miosa says:

    that info will be helpful.

  4. The Building of HOME will come around 1.5 lakh rupees

  5. miosa says:

    thank you for the information.

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