MIOSA’s Home

Welcome to the Blog of

Mary Immaculate Old Students Association (MIOSA).

MIOSA is a social Initiative by the Old Students of

MIHS (Mary Immaculate Highschool, Poomkavu.)

to help needy students of MIHS.

We will Update the Events that take place under MIOSA.


Help us to Help the Needy!

5 Responses to MIOSA’s Home

  1. Sanjeev.vt says:

    Dear my colleaches, I am very proud this moment to be an MIOSA.

  2. reachjoy says:


    See Sreejith, Podiyan, Venu Swami working for home building

  3. A new look for miosa.wordpress.com
    is it not cool???

  4. Joy says:

    Yes the new look is very good . The MIOSA logo may be changed on the course. because it has not yet finalised.

  5. ok.. we will update it as the new logo is available.

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