Lions Club Oppenheim Helps MIOSA

Today on 2nd May 2009, the Lions Club Oppenheim, Germany handed over a paper cheque of 1000 Euros to Fr. Thomas Kalathil, for the Education of Youth Project MIOSA.

Here are the Snaps.


3 Responses to Lions Club Oppenheim Helps MIOSA

  1. Joy Sebastian says:

    Thanks god.. At last we got a great help from some of great hearts from germany. Thanks and god bless all of you behind the help.

    Hope MIOSA can do better things if we get this kind of help.

    Thanks to Fr. Thomas for taking initiative in getting this help from Lions Club Oppenheim, Germany.

    Thanks and Prayers

    Joy Sebastian

  2. jayalakshmi says:

    happy to hear the progress of the project. Thomas achan is really doing a nice job in this regard, all the best!

  3. reachjoy says:

    Today(June 1st) we recieved the amount in India. A very big thanks to Lions Club Oppenheim, Germany.

    It is very encouraging and hope we can move fast forward and take up other responsibilites.

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