MIOSIAN Missing from 3rd february 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

This text is taken from the blog http://whereisbalu.blogspot.com
Mr. Balu is a MIOSAn ..Please call Sreenath (Batch 1997)  for more details  Mob: 9745638200

Where Are You Bals????


This blog is the after effect of an unfruitful search for our beloved friend Balu K. who has been missing since 3rd Feb 2010, Wednesday from Chennai.

Balu is of age 28 and last time seen he was wearing a Sky blue shirt and a dark colour pants(not necessarily black). He has fair complexion and is approximately 5′ 8″ tall.

He has left his office on 3rd Feb by around 3:45 Pm, due to serious sinus problem, after informing his friend. After that, reportedly, no one has ever seen him. His phone was in the range of Thambaram Vodafone tower around 4:25 Pm from where he would have boarded the suburban train and he has been contacted over the phone by his colleagues around 4:25Pm and around 5:30 PM, both of which were strictly work related calls and were duly answered by Balu. But after this no one was able to communicate to him in any way. This last call was logged in the Pazhavanthankal tower in Chennai.

At the time of leaving office, he must have had not more than 500 -1000 Rs in cash.

This has been reported to the police and Thambaram Police has registered an FIR on this. But further investigations by the Police, relatives and we friends were fruitless.

If any of you get to know anything about our dear friend please contact us in any of the below numbers.

Chennai: 9790896329, 9840182099
Bangalore: 9886639374, 9916140476
Trivandrum: 9995881446, 9946361772
Kochi: 08129400405
Pune: 9004394067
Calicut: 9961732215

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