Students Project

As part of the Silver Jubilee of MIHS,

MIOSA will help the needy students for their study matters.

It will be so:

25 students this year by bearing all the school expenses,

next year 26 and so on..

The following is an approximate calculation,

Uniform 2 pairs – Rs. 500 x 2 = Rs 1000
Text Books + Notebooks – Rs. 500
Tution fee and Other fee- Rs . 500
Other Expenses (Including study tour) – Rs. 1000

Total = Indian Rs. 3000

That makes :

60 USD /


We Expect your kind help and co-operation for this noble cause!

8 Responses to Students Project

  1. Joy says:

    We got 3 sponsors for the Student project. We are announcing this project on 26th of January as the date is becoming the official launching of MIOSA acivities. It is good to see some of our friends are calling me up and asking how we can contribute to Student Project?

  2. hope it will raise…more and more..

    i have an idea more.. let us talk it soon.

  3. Joy says:

    Sponsors are coming up for student project 2009

    1) Shinu
    2) Jose
    3) Sreejith
    4) Dhanesh
    5) Lincy
    6) Joy
    7) Ebymon
    8) Aneesh
    9) Tony Thomas

    We need around 18 more sponsors for this year

  4. Joy,
    please explain how this is planned.

    How much money? How it is to be given….

  5. Joy says:

    Thomas achan,
    The project is planned like this,

    The teachers already selected 26 students who actually need help (There are more than 26 students, but our fund is only 25K)
    The package will include the following things for each student.

    i) School fees (Full amount for the year)
    ii)School uniforms
    iii) Notebooks and Text Books

    Per head amount will come around Rs .1000

    MIOSA is planning to give it on 10th June.

    Each sponsor will be giving 1000 Rs each.

  6. tijo says:

    ولدوخته نا‎°‎

  7. tijo says:

    ولدوخته ولدوخته نا‎°‎نا‎°‎ول ولد نا‎ و نا ولدوخته نا‎‎ ولدوخته نا‎°‎
    ? ولده نا

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